Saturday, September 10, 2011

110910 Immortal Song Ep. 15 [Kyuhyun's LAST EPISODE] - BROADCAST

Oke, this is THE LAST KYUHYUN's PEFORMANCE in Immortal Song 2 :(( This is also the last episode for Jay Park, Hyorin, and G.O. So our amazing singers in this show had gone together.
There's a sunbae in this episode and they sang his song.
1. Huh Gak vs Hyorin - winner Hyorin
2. Hyorin vs G.O - winner G.O
3. G.O vs Jay Park - winner Jay Park
and in this round Kyu decided to have his performance. When Goora said if he would like to perform as the 1st performer he refused it. He said the if he was the 1st performer i'll be great if he wina and still win to the performer but he was afraid because in the past episode Jay Park decide to be the 1st performer and he lost. Kyu said maybe he will be the 5th or 6th performer. And finally he chose as the 5th performer.
When he was on the stage, he's becoming DANCINGKYU !
He used some part from some SJ's choreography and MJ's style.
When he was interviewed, he said that as long as he was becoming SJ's member he's always dancing behind the other until 3 jib. Then suddenly in 4jib he had to dance in front of other as one of lead dancers. Fortunately when he was in 3 jib he practiced some choreography from MJ, so he decided to show it in his performance in Immortal Song (this episode).
REALLY DANCINGKYU when I saw it ! He was really dancing like MJ ! WOW !
But unfortunately ...
4. Jay Park vs Kyuhyun - winner JAY PARK
Too bad he was not won in his last episode T_T
But I don't know why, I had a felling seemed he would not be the winner before the result showed. When I saw it, yes right WOW, but his performance was not SPECTACULAR as before in episode 13 nor episode 14. Really don't know how, but I already predicted it before the result. I didn't see Jay Park's performance before, but I totally thought "It's not Kyuhyun's day". He was not maximal as before and his sang the song unclear, I mean "Ah, it already ended ? Just like that ?". That's too short...
I'm sorry, but Kyu's just an ordinary person, not always perfect.
5. Jay Park vs Jiyoon - winner Jay Park (Final Winner)

Personally, I'm so proud for KYUHYUN ! He was not easy to get down. He was always his best performance in Immortal Song 2 although he was in his worst condition. He's only need around 5 weeks to pretend as Immortal Song 2's winner continued twice. Now, he had learn something from this show and I can see his progress now, he improves a lot. His skill gets better now. REALLY PROUD ! CHO KYUHYUN IS THE BEST ! HE IS THE BEST MAGNAE EVER ! Hope he'll be better and better in the future and becoming A WONDERFUL KNOWN SINGER, the BEST ONE :) 사랑해 Kyu ^^ always ...

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