Friday, September 9, 2011

110909 Hello Baby Ep. 2

You all guys must know Hello Baby right ? It's a proram which there was a pair of celebrity, male and female but not just one person actually, usually it's a group that must take care of a baby together. In 4th season Leeteuk and SISTAR joined this show and they have a baby named KYUMIN for real !
Maybe it's a opportunity because one day we may see SJ's dorm again after a long time >.<
In this episode Dasom, Bora, and Soyu SISTAR brought KYUMIN to meet Hyorin SISTAR buuuut that's place was perfect, that was KBS building, she was recording IMMORTAL SONG 2 which KYUHYUN was there :D
So, KYUMIN was meeting with another Immortal Song's contestants. 
And finally KYUMIN met UNCLE KYUHYUN :3 Soooo adorable to see KYUHYUN was interacting with KYUMIN :))) 
And do you know how's KYUMIN reaction to KYUHYUN ? He was smilling to his UCLE KYUHYUN. KYUHYUN also sang for him with his "A Story of Moments" :)) and KYUMIN was smilling so brightly. KYU APPA  ^^

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