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110830 SBS Strong Heart Ep. 93 [SJ Part 2] - UPDATE

I had stream Strong Heart tonight and realize there was a military conversation.
But not that much as my expectation.

Oke, because the full video isn't broadcast yet, I'll share a little bit part of SH tonight.

SH tonight was like usual, they had a story duel between each other. After some duels, the last winner is Yesung, he got SH's medal, Yesung told about his dad's story who hide his broken hand from Yesung and then Yesung made Handel & Gretel. Then the next rival is Kyuhyun. 
Ah before that Teuk and Dong revealed the member's past photo, and this is Kyu and his expression .. CUTE :3

In the episode 92 Kyuhyun was the winner with his love story but I don't know how, that wasn't the final. Then in this episode he told the story about his joining with Super Junior. I think you already know about his story, starts from :
1. suddenly manager told him he was a member of SJ
2. Teuk who was not friendly to him as a leader
3. Han Gang Ramyeon
    After this moments Ryewook said :
One day Kyuhyun was drinking a bottle of soju, and came into my room to lie on my bed. Suddenly he started tearing up like he was acting. He said “Ryeowook, i’m tired!” I said “What is it, I think I can understand, is it because of that person?” He said “It’s Teukie hyung” "
4. the first winning "U".
    And there was a story : 
 "Kyuhyun said that when U first won Mutizen Song, all the members were crying, but he kept holding it in and didn’t dare to even though he really wanted to. He felt as if he didn’t go through the same amount of pain the other members had gone through and would be told off if he cried. When they got back to the waiting room they were still all crying and he was still holding it in. Leeteuk came over to hug Kyuhyun and said “You have also worked hard” and he hugged back and said “We worked really hard, hyung!” and started crying as well. From that moment he finally felt like a member of Super Junior. "
Then Teuk mentioned :
" SJ was supposed to be a project group when they 1st debut"
After that Kang Hodong asked Kyu about Teuk and Kyuhyun answered:
''Teuk is his most important hyung in this live time."
Hodong asked Ryewook the same question and he said :
" Heechul..."
Hyuk also mentioned :
"Teuk is the best leader." 
Teuk also mentined about the GDA :
SJ didnt won golden disk last year, so China Fans made a Golden Disk for real for SJ. Its 20kg of 24K gold."
Then he showed that

There was a part that Hodong asked Heechul to say something and he told :
"As the enlistment problem is becoming a reality, all the Super Junior members talked face to face about their futures.
 When Heechul began to cry, Eunhyuk also began to show tears. Eunhyuk stated
The important thing is that as the members become older, even becoming fathers, we can always share stories together. Even though we smile and chat a lot, there are times when we cry at home. Coming out together is even memorable“.
Finally the result, and the winner is KYUHYUN. Yesung gave his medal to Kyu then Kyu walked and took that medal on Leader Teuk's neck and huged him, so sweet :)
After the broadcast ended, Eunhyuk could not hold back his tears as it was Heechul’s last broadcast.

And Strong Heart ended with "TODAY'S WINNER IS SUPER JUNIOR"

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