Sunday, May 8, 2011

110507 Super Show 3 Vietnam

And this is the ending of their SHORT JOURNEY for their 4th album, BONAMANA. There is NO OTHER like you. With ALL MY HEART i’ll always support you. YOU AND I always together. Not only IN MY DREAM, i hope one day the 13th members can on a stage again. I can’t make a SONG FOR YOU, but this letter just for you. And now, we’re ready for your 5th album. We always waiting for you. We are ELF, OR~

Here are Super Show 3 Vietnam photos ...

Leaving the hotel :


Press conference :

The show :

How awesome Kyu, now he sang from the heart, he cried during his solo 

It's rain, hope he'll stay healty after this concert

And this one, WHAT THE ... !!!!! What are you doing Won with uri Kyu ?!!

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