Sunday, May 1, 2011

110430 Suvarnabhumi Airport - Kyuhyun sicks

This is bad news, ah after he got an accident on April 8th now he sick. I knew from a fanaccount that kyu sick after landing,I think, because the last post showed that kyu still health and you can compare the photos on the last post and this post. On the last post, you can see that kyu wore a watch on his left hand, and on the this post he didn't wear that watch. That fanaccount said that kyu also vomitted on the plane and he couldn't stand up by his self, he need the other people help. Ah~ this is soo ... ah I can't say it. The only thing we can do is just pray for him. Hope we never get the news like this again. Get well soon oppa ^^ Saranghae ...

His face looks really bad :(

Zhoumi helped kyu

And this is the source

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