Friday, December 23, 2011

[NEWS] Kyuhyun Adapts to Radio Star

Kyuhyun has perfectly adapted to Radio Star.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun who has debuted as an MC through MBC Golden Fishery-Radio Star on October 12 is now working well with the original MCs and is hosting the show smoothly. He no longer looks hesitant and shy when he has to ask a difficult question in the beginning.  Nowadays, he readily seizes an opportunity to asks a difficult question which even the other MCs have trouble doing.
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One felt that Kyuhyun has become a member of Radio Star when he said something in the episode which aired on December 22.  When Yoo Sae Yoon who’s from KBS’ popular comedy program Gag Concert was asked about the difference between Gag Concert and other comedy programs, he replied cautiously, “we don’t think about whether someone is a hoobae or sunbae when we are deciding the weight of a role.  If a hoobae has talent, the sunbae supports that person.” 

Then Kyuhyun said, “is that the official position of KBS?”  We have heard this before.  In the episode which aired on November 16, Kyuhyun said to Wonder Girls who were the guests, “there is a criticism that “My Baby” has less impact than your other previous title tracks.”  After Kyuhyun asked that question, the other MCs heckled him saying that was the official position of S company.  Kyuhyun became flustered and quickly tried to resolve the situation by saying, “my company said we should try to be more like Wonder Girls.” 

But now, Kyuhyun has changed.  When Kim Kyung Ho was asked about whom his rival is among the male singers, he could not answer the question and said, “I like everyone.”  Then, Kyuhyun asked him, “who are you most attracted to?”  It was after Kim Kyung Ho revealed that he has experiences of being sexually harassed because of his long hair and slender figure.  Kyuhyun no longer hesitates when he asks a question.  Also, he makes funny comments at the right timing.  The moment confirmed that Kyuhyun has perfectly adapted to Radio Star.        

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