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110725 Immortal Song 2 Recording

Kyuhyun sang 'Lies' by GOD with Son Hoyoung in 4th performance of Immortal Song 2. Unfortunately, he lost in this round but today he was really awesome :D
Here is a statement from a fan who watch the show :
[110725 / Recording of Legend Song 2 / Kyuhyun ㅡSPOILER] Today Kyuhyun went to KBS to record Legend Song 2 around 11 AM, but his stage wasn't before early afternoon. KBS has changed the degree of difficulty and method of the show; starting today it has a different format (I've never watched it before save for Yesung's stage, so I'm not sure of how it used to work) it's like a tournament with rounds now, but fans don't seem to know much about it either yet, there's conflicting information and they all seem quite confused.
A fan said she heard Kyuhyun introduce himself as "singer Kyuhyun" and not as "Super Junior Kyuhyun" ♥ one said he was adorable and funny during the speech part, but it's not sure that this will be included in the episode. Some said Kyuhyun didn't look in great condition today, that he seemed very tired, probably because he's been extremely busy with preparations for the 5th album and often practicing for the musical.
In the first round they have to sing a duet → Kyuhyun's stage was the fourth, and he sang with Son Hoyoung, member of an extremely popular all-male group called g.o.d. (they were active from 1999 up to 2006 if I remember well). The song they sang is an old hit by g.o.d. and it's called "거짓말 Lies"

The arrangement was different and the highlight of the original song wasn't kept, it had a jazz feel to it instead, so the rap part was changed as well (although Kyuhyun sang a bit of it and they said it was cute).
At first he started singing slowly, then the song got progressively faster and Kyuhyun rapped a bit, and Hoyoung sang after that. Kyuhyun also sang in a high-pitch and did really very well. Everybody who went to the recording said he did extremely well and that his voice and Hoyoung's blend together nicely; nevertheless he didn't make it to the second round, so the duet song is all he got to sing. From what I understood, next time he will have a solo stage.
Note : It was a special episode, there were one hundred foreigners who love k-pop as judges and one of the fans was vehemently writing about them saying they'd like anything played at a club.

 in front of KBS Building - go to recording
Performance - Lies by GOD

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