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[TRANS] 120210 E Entertainment Magazine “We Got Married” with Kyuhyun & Lou Yi Xiao

(Words printed on photo) - In [name of some other Chinese show that Yi Xiao appears in], the blooming love between Yi Xiao & [some Chinese actor] has been interrupted by Super Junior member Cho Kyuhyun, who suddenly appeared and stole Yi Xiao's heart.

"First Meeting: Totally handsome and well-mannered."

Yi Xiao was getting ready for the WGM shoot, changing and putting on make-up. Her husband-to-be would be Kyuhyun, a man that she had never met in her life. "When the director told me that my husband would be arriving shortly, it felt as if I had gone back in time, marrying someone I didn't know."

As the bride was descending down the staircase, she ran into the groom. "It was very strange. He is very handsome and has extremely good manners. He introduced himself in less-than-fluent Chinese and I, in turn, introduced myself in less-than-fluent Korean. Essentially, we were like "a chicken and a duck talking to each other." [translator's note: a Chinese expression indicating that neither understands the other].

Once they got inside the limousine, they continued to try to get to know each other. "He gave me a bouquet of roses, we were drinking champagne and chatting. Suddenly, he took out his hand-held movie player to show me congratulatory messages sent via video by his Korean friends. They also told me that a newly married bride must have "all cards in her hand", and if Kyuhyun doesn't treat me well, they'll take care of him for me. I was very touched. It really seemed like I was in a real marriage."

As the bride entered the restaurant, laid out on the floor was a big heart shape lined with candles. "That candlelight dinner was a combination of every girl's dreams." The groom played and sang, "I Believe" while the bride performed, "My Love Is Forever". "There wasn't one song that we both knew, so we started messing around on the keyboard."

"Moving Into The New House"

After the wedding night, the couple moved into their new place. According to Korean custom, the groom usually carries the bride into the new house. YiXiao thought herself too heavy, "but Kyuhyun insisted on carrying me all the way from the limousine to the elevator. I requested that he rests while in the elevator. He picked me up again when we got to our floor and carried me into the apartment. He is very strong!"

The bride wanted to clean up the house a bit, but the groom complained and cried out, "Let's rest, let's rest!" "I knew he was teasing me!"

Each of them brought one box of personal belongings. Kyuhyun took out his phone charger which Yi Xiao mistook as a machine for cooking eggs. "He also brought two video games, eye-patch for sleeping and a pot/pan for cooking noodles." Yi Xiao brought a cooking knife which freaked Kyuhyun out. "He teasingly accused me of wanting to kill my own husband. Actually, I very much enjoy cooking".

The groom took out a picture frame. Inside was their wedding picture taken the day before with a phone camera. "This photo will not do. Makes me feel like getting married is like making soya sauce."

After the couple quickly set up the place, they began to cook a meal. Kyuhyun said that in Korea, it's the wife who cooks, but since he's in China, he should follow the custom of the Shanghainese men and cook for his wife. "He made me ramyeon. The taste was alright but the noodles were too soggy. "He insisted on watching me finish the whole thing."

Yi Xiao's cooking skills are not half-bad. She made braised duck wings, scrambled eggs with tomato, stir-fried vegetables and pork-rib wintermelon soup - all served within half an hour. "I was going to make dumplings but didn't have enough time. "Kyuhyun told me that everything tasted great!"

"The drama is fictional but the feelings are genuine"

Although this is a fictional drama, from time to time, the couple reveals their true feelings towards each other. "He is a very considerate and caring man who takes care of his lady. He always asked me if I was thirsty. Even if there was only one bottle of water left, he'd let me have it first. When filming moved into the late hours and I became tired, he let me rest my head on his shoulders. His fans constantly ran behind us, it really felt like we were eloping."

While the two were enjoying their intimate moments, Kyuhyun's fans continued to madly scream. The director says that from the very beginning, Kyuhyun's hoards of fans followed the crew non-stop. Even when the venue was changed, losing some of the crowd on the way, Kyuhyun's fans were able to find their new locations through Yi Xiao's blog. "That night, more than 10 cars tail-chased the crew. We wasted 3 hours. Originally, we had planned to film outside a supermarket the following day, but because the fans were so numerous and eager, we had to cancel."

Yi Xiao's impression of Kyuhyun: Although he is a caring man, he is very chauvinistic. "He told me he had arranged for my plane ticket to Korea. When I asked him to introduce me to potential boyfriends, The colour of his face immediately changed and he said, "But you already have me as your husband". He asked me if I knew any Hallyu stars. I told him Rain, Lee Minho, Lee Donghae etc., and he grew sad again."

Only 2 days after their wedding, the lovely couple sadly had to separate. The groom gave her a necklace and a box, inside of which was their wedding photo. The feelings between the two were unmistakable. Before the bride had a chance to react, she received a warm embrace from the groom.

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